Angry Orchard Cider          ABV 5%

Hard Cider. Bright crisp apple flavor, a balance of sweetness and acidity from apples and dryness of traditional cider, refreshing.


Papago Orange Blossom            ABV 5%

Light American Wheat Ale, flavored with mandarin oranges and vanilla.


Firestone Walker 805              ABV 4.7%

Light American Blonde Ale. Sublet malt sweetness is balanced with a

clean finish.


Alaskan Amber                       ABV 5.3%

Alt Amber Style. Notably well balanced with rich malty and long on the palate.


Four Peaks Kiltlifter               ABV 5.2%

Scottish-Style Ale. Full bodied with pronounced flavors of caramel and roasted barley.


Lagunitas IPA                         ABV 6.2%

India Pale Ale. Formulated with malt and hops for excellent balance. Big aroma with a hoppy sweet finish.


Fat Tire Belgian White      ABV 5.2%

Witbier Style. Made with Seville oranges and Indian coriander, fresh and sweet, natural Belgian White.



Blue Moon                          ABV 5.4%

Witbier Style. Made with Valencia oranges and coriander for a subtle sweet, smooth.


Guinness                              ABV 4.1%

Irish dry stout. Creamy tan head, mellow flavor. Nots of chocolate and coffee, vivid hops, slightly sweet, roasted malt flavors.



Dos Equis XX Lager            ABV 4.2%

Pilsner-Style. A nuanced blend of malts, spices and earth tones, flavorful yet light and smooth with a clean finish.


Budweiser - American Lager        ABV 5%


Bud Light - American Lager       ABV 4.2%


Coors Light - American Lager    ABV 4.2%


Miller Lite - American Lager     ABV 4.2%


Michelob Ultra - American      ABV 4.2%

PBR - American Lager                 ABV 4.74%



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